Hyundai Xteer




  • 2016.03 Hyundai Oilbank was named the title sponsor of K-League for 6 consecutive years
  • 2016.03 Reached 6 million accident-free man-hours


  • 2015.11 Reached 5 million accident-free man-hours
  • 2015.11 Awarded in 2015 Korea Electricity Safety Awards
  • 2015.10 Established the Lubricant Research Center
  • 2015.06 Awarded the President’s Award in 2015 Green Management Awards
  • 2015.06 Reached 4 million accident-free man-hours
  • 2015.06 Entered into partnership with Seoul National Cemetery
  • 2015.03 Hyundai Oilbank 1%-Donation Foundation launched the Seosan 1%Donation House Project
  • 2015.02 Awarded the Grand Prize in the 11th Corporate Transparency Awards


  • 2014.12 Signed agreement on cooperation to establish a joint venture for the carbon black business
  • 2014.11 Received Presidential Award at the 2014 Corporate Innovation Award from Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 2014.11 Received Presidential Award at the Labor Management Culture Awards from Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • 2014.11 Received Primer Minister Award at Energy Conservation Promotion Rally from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • 2014.11 Ranked first in the service station category at the KS-CQI surveys by Korean Standards Association
  • 2014.10 Completed #9 FBC Boiler, a cutting-edge facility that supplies heat
  • 2014.10 Received Presidential Award at the Korea Safety Awards
  • 2014.09 President and CEO Moon Jong-bak took office
  • 2014.09 Completed Daegu Logistics Center
  • 2014.09 Completed a lubricant base oil plant of HYUNDAI and SHELL Base Oil
  • 2014.07 Celebrated 50th anniversary
  • 2014.05 Established Hyundai Chemical
  • 2014.05 Obtained ISO 14001 Energy Management Systems Certificate
  • 2014.04 Completed Hyundai Oil Terminal
  • 2014.01 Directly-run service stations participated in 1% profit sharing program


  • 2013.12 Completed oil terminal at Ulsan New Port
  • 2013.11 Ranked first in KS-CQI in refinery category
  • 2013.08 Launched lubricant business and XTeer automobile engine oil brand
  • 2013.07 Signed MOU for mixed-xylene manufacturing with Lotte Chemical
  • 2013.04 Began commercial operations of #2 BTX Plant
  • 2013.02 1% Nanum Foundation signed agreement on overseas school support projects with Good Neighbors
  • 2013.02 Named one of the top 10 companies in Best Employers in Korea by Aon Hewitt.
  • 2013.01 Began construction of lubricant base oil plant with Shell


  • 2012.12 Received USD 8 billion Export Tower on Trade Day from Korea International Trade Association (KITA)
  • 2012.12 President and CEO Kwon Oh-gap received Silver Tower Industrial Medal on Trade Day.
  • 2012.11 Achieved mechanical completion of #2 BTX
  • 2012.11 Ranked first in KS-CQI in the entire industry category and KS-SQI in refinery category
  • 2012.10 Received Presidential Award at 1st Korea Knowledge Awards
  • 2012.09 Completed FBC
  • 2012.07 President and CEO Kwon Oh-gap received Dasan Management Award from Korea Economic Daily.
  • 2012.04 Completed Hanmaeum Hall for business partners
  • 2012.04 Launched HYUNDAI and SHELL Base Oil, a joint venture with Shell.
  • 2012.02 Launched Hyundai Oilbank 1% Nanum Foundation
  • 2012.02 Launched collaboration for lubricant base oil business with shell


  • 2011.11 Established Hyundai Oilbank Central Technology R&D Institute
  • 2011.10 Began construction of oil terminal at Ulsan New Port
  • 2011.09 Signed agreement on 1% sharing, a first among large companies in South Korea.
  • 2011.09 Completed the construction of the secondary upgrading unit
  • 2011.07 Began construction of #2 BTX Plant
  • 2011.03 Launched Customer Advisory Panel
  • 2011.01 Started the construction of the secondary upgrading unit


  • 2010.08 Kwon Oh-gap appointed president and CEO
  • 2010.08 Became an affiliate of the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group
  • 2010.07 Ranked No.1 on the Korea Service Quality Index (KS-QSI) survey conducted by Korea Management Association Consulting
  • 2010.06 Won the Korea Great Workplace award from Hankyung Magazine


  • 2007.09 Topped the Korea Service Quality Index (KS-SQI) in the gas station sector
  • 2007.09 Completed the construction of 104 company dwellings for employees at the Headquarters in Daesan
  • 2007.07 Executed an MOU with CEPSA, a Spanish oil refining corporation, for the construction of aromatic product manufacturing facilities
  • 2007.06 Published the Sustainable Operation Report in 2007
  • 2007.06 Awarded the Grand Prize for Economic Leadership in Korea in 2007 (Ethnical Operation Sector)
  • 2007.06 Awarded Credit Rating A2+ for commercial paper
  • 2007.05 Awarded the Grand Prize as the first Global Human Resource Operation Business
  • 2007.03 Commenced operation of an oil reservoir with a capacity of 52,000 barrels in Jeju
  • 2007.03 Announced the 'Run To U' Vision 2012
  • 2007.01 Awarded Grade A for its Autonomous Compliance Program for Fair Trade
  • 2006.12 Signed a voluntary agreement, the Improvement of the Atmospheric Environment 5-18
  • 2006.10 Rated as the top provider of the best gas station services in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) according to the 2006 survey conducted by the Korea Productivity Center
  • 2006.05 Agreed on an MOU for the construction of 600,000 tons of paraxylene and 300,000 tons of benzene with Spain’s CEPSA
  • 2006.03 Designated as the Top Ethically Operated Business among Manufacturing Industries in the Private Sector by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  • 2006.03 Completed construction of the Gymnasium at the Headquarters in Daesan
  • 2005.12 Awarded the Grand Prize for Ethical Business Operation in Korea (Ethical Operation)
  • 2005.11 Completed Clean Fuel Project for higher quality products
  • 2005.07 Achieved the highest rating in industry on the Sustainable Operation Index
  • 2005.03 Awarded the Grand Prize for Marketing Activities in Korea (Service Marketing)
  • 2004.12 Awarded the Grand Prize for Providing Opportunities to Disabled People
  • 2004.11 Elected as an Excellent Business for New Labor-Management Culture (Ministry of Labor)
  • 2004.11 Awarded the Grand Prize for Customer Satisfaction Management
  • 2004.11 Awarded the Golden Prize in the Advertisement Competition sponsored by the Maeil Daily Economic Newspaper


  • 1999.12 Succeeded in attracting investment from IPIC worth KRW 510 million
  • 1999.09 Acquired Hanwha Energy and merged with the Hanwha Energy Plaza
  • 1999.05 Completed construction of a BTX plant with an annual capacity of 400,000 tons
  • 1997.12 Awarded a Medal Commending Export Achievement Worth One Billion US Dollars
  • 1996.05 Completed construction of oil refining facilities with a capacity of 200,000 barrels per day at the Daesan Refinery
  • 1996.01 Mong Hyuk Jung was appointed as President of the company
  • 1994.06 OILBANK brand developed and introduced
  • 1993.07 Changed the corporate name to Hyundai Oil Refinery Co., Ltd.


  • 1989.11 Completed the construction of Daesan Refinery (Awarded the President’s Commendation)
  • 1989.07 Obtained approval for an additional refining capacity of 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day
  • 1988.11 Began operation of an atmospheric distillation facility with a capacity of 60,000 barrels per day
  • 1988.08 Changed the corporate name to Kukdong Oil Refining Co., Ltd.


  • 1978.08 Completed construction of facilities with a capacity to refine 10,000 barrels of crude oil per day
  • 1977.05 Changed the corporate name to Kukdong Oil Co., Ltd.


  • 1969.01 Changed the corporate name to Kukdong Shell Petroleum Co., Ltd.
  • 1968.09 Executed a joint venture agreement with Royal-Dutch Shell of the U.K.
  • 1965.12 Completed construction of the Busan Refinery
  • 1964.11 Established the first private oil refining company (Kukdong Oil Industrial Company) (currently Hyundai Oilbank Co., Ltd.)

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